Assembled Set of 6 English Mugs

$150 (Quart), $125 (Pint), $100 (½ Pint), and $85 for each of the 3 smaller rarer ones. Lot price for the set is $575

This is the biggest set of English mugs we have ever assembled. The quart is marked on the outside bottom “GASKELL & CHAMBERS.” It is in mint condition. The pint is marked in the inside bottom with a crowned X. It is in fine condition. The ½ pint is marked inside bottom with IMPERIAL and can see a crown and “AUL” of the partial touch. The condition of the metal is very good. The next smaller mug is 3” high and has no capacity mark. The mark in the inside bottom has a crown X. The next mug is 2 ½” high. It is in fine condition with no marks. The smallest is marked 2” high. It is ½ gill measurement. The condition is fine.