Full Set 7 Irish Haystack Pewter Measures

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We have only had a couple of complete sets of 19th Century Irish haystack measures. The sizes include the gallon, ½ gallon, quart, pint, ½ pint, gill, noggin, and ½ noggin. The noggin is the same as a gill which is the same as a ¼ pint. The gallon and ½ gallon are marked by the Munster Iron Works and the quart, pint, ½ pint, and ½ noggin are marked by Austen & Son of Cork. The ½ noggin is the rarest of these measures. We think this ½ noggin has spurious marks but we are still including it so it can complete the set. If we ever get a better one, the buyer will get first refusal. All the measures have the capacity written on the front midway on the belly. The condition is very good.