Set of 5 Bud English Pewter Measures


English Bud measures date from about 1720 to 1750. This is the baluster form that the Boardmans copied so successfully. This set includes the ½ gallon, quart, pint, ½ pint and gill. The ½ gallon could be American. All the information is not all out yet. On the lid are the initials “C?” (we can’t make out the second initial). The gallon and half gallon measures in any style are always the hardest to find. They took lots of abuse. They were heavy before any liquid was even put into them. The gill has “TM” on the lip. The quart has “CP” on the lid which is thought to stand for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The thumb piece has been reattached and there is a repair on the lower handle juncture. This set is otherwise in fine condition.

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